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Non-fiction recommendations
Non-fiction recommendations

History, politics, environment, cookery, everything that's non-fiction.

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ONE TWO THREE FOUR by CRAIG BROWN Craig Brown has hit on a winning formula with this book about the Beatles – it's like a biography but without any of the usual dull bits. It's a big compilation of snippets, anecdotes and tales about the Beatles, with more than 150 individual little chapters. This makes it incredibly readable and answers a big problem for anyone who tries to write about subjects which have been well-covered: what can they add? Brown's formula instead makes a virtue of there being hundreds of books already written about the Beatles (he lists them at... (More)
HOW NOT TO BE WRONG BY JAMES O'BRIEN James O’Brien is billed on the cover on this follow-up to his best-selling How To Be Right as ‘the conscience of liberal Britain’. Whether that’s true or not, he certainly is one of the most prominent voices on the liberal side of the our current Cultural Cold War. It is the LBC phone-in host O’Brien who tackles right wing controversialists head-on, fighting fire with fire, and that was what made How to Be Right such a popular read. In this book, though, he takes a slightly different tack. He talks about deciding... (More)